Little Golden Books

I have fond memories of the many Little Golden Books I used to read to my children when they were little.  Now there is the perfect Little Golden Book for when you are an adult.

I haven’t seen the book in the bookshops here but you can buy it online. It would make a fun gift for someone you know.Little Golden Book

December 16 is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day


Just had to share this special day!

Originally posted on Foodimentary - National Food Holidays:

Here are today’s five ideas on Chocolate Covered Anything:

  1. Chocolate covered crunchy peanut butter
  2. Chocolate dipped cracker stick
  3. Chocolate covered oatmeal raisin cookie
  4. Chocolate covered pretzel
  5. Chocolate covered almond


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Today’s Food History

  • 1773 The Boston Tea Party. A group of men dressed as Indians, boarded ships at Griffin’s wharf and dumped hundreds of tea chests into Boston harbor. The American Revolution began.
  • 1833 Seaman Asahel Knapp was born. An American agriculturist, he began the system which evolved into the U.S. Cooperative Extension Service.
  • 1863 Gerard Adriaan Heineken bought the Amsterdam brewery, ‘The Haystack’, which
  • dated back to 1592. This was the beginning of Heineken beer.
  • 1884 William Fruen of Minneapolis, Minnesota patented an automatic liquid vending machine.
  • 1965 British author, W. Somerset Maugham died. Among the titles of his novels and short stories are: ‘Cakes and Ale’, ‘The Alien Corn’ and ‘The Breadwinner.’

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Cricket time means a chance for more knitting.

You know that summer is well and truly here when the Test cricket starts.  We have recently finished an enthralling test between India and Australia and what is more, the second Test starts tomorrow.

I can watch the cricket without feeling guilty about sitting inside on a beautiful day as long as I have something to keep me busy at the same time!  With this in mind I started a new piece of knitting after finishing off the cardigan I had been knitting.

IMG_2327This piece is a Baby Surprise Jacket.  I made one of these for our first grandchild and it is an intriguing piece of knitting as it is all in one piece.  You can use up left over pieces of wool or you can purchase wool specifically for the project.  I am using a skein of wool I bought a long time ago and it was in my stash.

The pattern is from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s book. 

The pattern knits up very quickly so I will probably need to find another project for the third Test.

Some baby surprise jackets from Pinterest.

baby surprise jacket


“The sky is falling in!”

Not really, the book is called “Fallen Skies”

I have just finished another book for my Historical Fiction Reading Challenge.  It will probably be my last as I am now reading another Lee Child.

Fallen Skies by Philippa Gregory was a book I picked up for $2 at a charity shop.  

Fallen SkiesThe book was published in 1994 so the cover is completely different to that which you might see in a bookshop today. Her is the cover you are likely to find today.

fallen skies 2Unknown

Most of Gregory’s books which have been republished or published since The Other Boleyn Girl have a line saying something about The Other Boleyn Girl, which was made into a movie in 2008.

I have read a few Philippa Gregory books but not one about the aftermath of the First World War.  This one certainly portrayed the horrendous suffering of those who had participated in the war.  The mental and emotional trauma is at the forefront of this novel.

It seems wrong to say that I enjoyed this novel as there are so many aspects of the story that are heartbreaking but enjoy it I did.  It was another novel that I found I wanted to keep reading and there are twists in the plot that were unexpected.

A great read.

From the cover:

Lily Valance wants to forget the war.  She’s determined to enjoy the world of the 1920s with its music, singing, laughter and pleasure.  When she meets Captain Stephen Winters, a decorated hero back from the Front, she’s drawn to his wealth and status.  In Lily he sees his salvation – from the past, from the nightmares, from the guilt at surviving the Flanders plains where so many were lost.

But it’s a dream that cannot last. Lily has no intention of leaving her singing career.  The hidden tensions behind the respectable facade of the Winters’ household come to a head. Stephen’s nightmares merge ever closer with reality and the truth of what took place in the mud and darkness brings him and all who love him to a terrible reckoning.

Final episode of Patterson Park, Metung.

This is a video I took this morning after the park opened yesterday.

Unfortunately the water play area is not operational.  I hope that is fixed before the holidays start.

water play notice

Another Carlton supporter?

I have just finished a cardigan for our latest granddaughter.  She wont be wearing it until late in winter but I have completed it in time for winter as we have just entered summer here. :-)

Our youngest granddaughter’s elder sister is a very keen supporter of the Carlton AFL team.


The colours for the team are navy and white so I thought it was only fitting that her baby sister gets a Carlton cardigan so she also can be a supporter.

cardiganThe pattern is from an old pattern booklet, Patons Booklet 518