Are you sitting down?

My next project is one that I think will keep my busy for a while.  It is what I call an on-going project.  I will fit other projects in between doing this one.

Here it is.


Our younger daughter’s partner loves this chair and he would like it covered in patchwork denim.  I love a challenge and so we brought the chair back with us on our last trip to Canberra.

I have covered chairs before but the armchairs I covered had wooden arms so this is a new challenge for me.

I started by removing the staples where it was possible to do so

staple removalbut soon discovered that the chair would require some extra help from my husband.

removing screwsThe arms had been covered prior to being joined to the central part of the chair.  Once my husband had removed the screws, with the nifty gadget he has, I was able to continue removing the staples.

in piecesI reckon there are well over a hundred staples in this piece of furniture, possibly closer to two hundred!

I have been collecting my husband’s old jeans specifically for a project such as this but I think I will require more than I have so I will need to pay a visit to a thrift store.

jeansI will do a follow up post later when I have started work on the actual upholstery.

Dolly now has a bit of personality

Dolly now has a bit of personality as well as clothes!

I posted previously about making a doll for our new grandchild.  The doll was made prior to our granddaughter’s arrival but she was the bare bones.  I had to wait until I knew whether the grandchild was a boy or a girl before doing the finishing touches.

bare bonesI have now given the doll some hair

doll hairand some clothes

doll clothesand it will be left to our daughter to come up with a name.  I hope it begins with “J”


Flying geese with rabbits and ducks and kittens

I have managed to get a bit of quilting done recently and the quilt I made was a cot quilt.

I already had the fabric so it was good to make something useful with the pieces I had.

constructingThe wadding that is there is only so I could get the size correct.  It was wadding taken from an old shop bought quilt.  I bought new wadding for this quilt.

The finished result.  The quilt pattern is called Flying geese, for those of you not acquainted with quilting terminology.


Finishing off a few things

I have finally got around to making the bee to put on the tea cosy I made quite some time ago.

felted beeOn our return from Canberra we called in at Cooma and there was a delightful craft meeting place which I took the time to visit.  It was there that I got the idea to felt the bee as previously I was stumped as to how I was going to make it.

A project completed at last.beehive tea cosy


Finished but it wasn’t completed in time

I posted about how I had run out of wool for the baby shawl I was knitting for the arrival of our new grandchild. Well, as events turned out, the arrival of the baby was early and the arrival of the wool was late so the shawl wasn’t completed in time but it is now finished.

Shetland ring shawlI have it pinned out in the study and just waiting for it to dry.  Considering I had issues with the first few rounds I am rather pleased with the end result.  Any imperfections just add to its unique production! :-)

cobweb shawl

Jack Reacher is to blame.

Regular followers of my blog will have noticed that I haven’t posted any historical fiction for quite some time.  I think the last one was Miles off Course in early October. The reason for the lack of historical fiction is I have discovered Lee Child.  Yes, I realise he has been around for a while but I have only now started to read him.  I happened upon him as I read a post from Book Riot.  They were discussing heroes in movies that lived up to the hero in the book.  I had never heard of Jack Reacher and I liked the sound of the story.

So…..The first book I borrowed was the introduction to Jack Reacher,  Killing Floor.

The Killing Floor


Jack Reacher novels

This gives a list of the books in Chronological order.  I have raced through the first half dozen of these and am currently reading Nothing to Lose which is #12. This one is out of order as it was the only one available at the library at this time. Obviously I am hooked on the Jack Reacher series.

I have also been reading Lynda La Plante and have recently finished Bloodline and Blind Fury, both of which were terrific reads.

Lynda La Plante

As you can see there has been no time for historical fiction so I will need to remedy that in the near future as we are rapidly approaching the end of the year. I had planned to reach 50 but so far have read 28.  I don’t think I will reach fifty by the end of the year.