Belated benefits from a birthday

When we were recently in Melbourne we had dinner at this restaurant. business card A bit tricky to see on the computer but the business card was all in white, very clever as you had to tilt the card to see the name.  The back of the card had the information. prix fixe card Our elder daughter had given my husband tickets to dinner at Prix Fixe for his birthday.   ( I liked the fact that I got the benefit of the birthday present too. :-) )He had to choose when he wanted to go.  The restaurant is innovative in the fact that it is the first ticketed restaurant in Australia.  You prepurchase your tickets for the night and the time you want and the menu is a set menu.  There is a theme for each month and this month the theme was Vive la France. menuThe food was delicious.  I am no expert at photography and these were taken on my phone so they don’t really do justice to the superb food.

The dessert paid homage to Marie Antoinette’s hairdo.

This is certainly a restaurant that provided value for money.  Also a chance to try something a little different.  We would love to go back another time.  Next month the theme is – An English Mid-winter inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia.

Do check out their website to see what is on offer. Prix Fixe is a dining experience not to be missed. Liberté, égalité, fraternité!  Liberté, équalité, fraternité!

Some sorely missed Scottish food.

We have been down in Melbourne for the weekend, more about that later, and while we were there we visited a butchery that our elder daughter had told us about.  We had tasted some of the wares from there previously as she had purchased some for a meal she had prepared. The butchery is in Dandenong so we had to make a slight detour on our way home but it was well worth the trip.


The butchery is Rob’s British and Irish Butchery and some of the many products he sells are: black pudding, gammon, pork pies, full range of UK sausages, faggots, steak and kidney puddings and much more.  I forgot to mention haggis and streaky bacon!

They have a Facebook page here

The main purpose of our visit was to buy black pudding as it is just hard to find really good black pudding here in Australia.

black pudding

We are happy now we have a decent amount that we can divide up and freeze for use when we need it. This piece weighed almost a kilogram.

We also bought some streaky bacon and pork sausages.

streaky bacon

Do check out the butchery website here.  Well worth the visit just to see what they have on offer.

Oh! I also forgot to mention that they stock clootie dumpling.

Congratulations Michael.

finishedLast night was an extremely exciting stage of the Tour de France.

The winner of the stage was Michael Rogers from Canberra.  I can say that I knew him as I taught him in high school. :-)
Well done Michael.

some twitter comments

Some Twitter comments on the victory.

He dared to dream and made it a reality.

Twitter post

I hope he wins another stage before the end of the Tour.

Falling down in my Historical Fiction Challenge

As I have been busy doing other things I haven’t read many books for my Historical Fiction Reading Challenge.  I have been reading crime fiction but I am now reading a historical fiction book for my challenge.  The book is Suite Française by Irene Némirovsky

Suite FrancaiseA wonderful book with so many interesting characters.

From the cover:

“Set during the year that France fell to the Nazis, Suite Française falls into two parts.  The first is a brilliant depiction of a group of Parisians as they flee the Nazi invasion; the second follows the inhabitants of a small rural community under occupation.  Suite Française is a novel tha teems with wonderful characters struggling with the new regime.  However, amidst the mess of defeat, and all the hypocrisy and compromise, there is hope.  True nobility and love exist, but often in surprising places.”

This book gives you a fascinating look at Paris during World War II  and the massive exit from the city seen through the eyes of the author who (while writing this book) was living in the French countryside until her capture by the Nazis. All characters are carefully depicted and each one brings to the novel some aspect of life during the Nazi invasion of France in 1941.

“In 1941, Irene Némirovsky sat down to write a book that would convey the magnitude of what she was living through by evoking the domestic lives and personal trials of the ordinary citizens of France.  Némirovskys death in Auschwitz in 1942 prevented her from seing the day, sixty five years later, that the existing two sections of her planned novel sequence, Suite Française would be rediscovered and hailed as a masterpiece.”

Although the author never finished Sweet Francaise what is amazing is that her lack of an ending does not affect a beautifully written story.


Tour de France jumper finished, another project needed for the remainder of the Tour.

I obviously chose a project that was not of an appropriate length for the Tour de France as I have completed it and we are only up to Stage 14 when I write this post.

The TourThe jumper was a joy to knit.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy colour work when knitting.

retro yoke jumper
I have now started a small project for the time being.

close upIt wont take long to knit as it is thick wool and big needles, in fact I will probably finish it on the next stage.

start of knitting

This is what I am making.

tea cosy

You can find the free pattern here.

I have a Pinterest board for woolwork, aka knitting


and another board for crochet.

crochet ideas I have made a few of the items on my boards but there are still many to choose from. You can view the boards by clicking on the pictures.

Patterson Park – a new playground in Metung

information boardYou will need to click on the picture to be able to see the detail.

The park was looking a bit run down and the only renovation that had taken place was the installation of the raindrop fountain.  The fountain has proved to be a huge hit with the young ones so it is only fitting that the rest of the park be given an upgrade.

Work is due to be completed by October so at the moment there is not really much to show.

climbing frame and swingThe raindrop fountain is in the centre of the picture where the metal post can be seen.

I’m sure that when it is finished it will get lots of use.

Steamed Pork Buns, it was intended to be coconut dumplings?

We recently purchased a steamer as we had left our previous steamer behind when we moved house.

bamboo steamerI had been tempted to make coconut dumplings after watching a Jamie Oliver program. I didn’t end up making the coconut dumplings but made steamed pork buns instead.

pork dumplingsThey were delicious.

deliciousI used a recipe from the Australian Women’s Weekly Chinese Cooking Class cookbook.  I have used this recipe book for many, many years and I still use it now.  All the classics are in there.  When I was working it was guaranteed to have a recipe that was quick to put together and satisfy a family.

chinese cookbook