Apricot Lemon Marmalade


This year we had a bumper harvest of apricots and I couldn’t use all of them at the time.  I cut and destoned the apricots and froze them in kilo bags for use later in the year.  We now have a huge crop of lemons so I am endeavouring to make use of the lemons and at the same time use the frozen apricots.

I have always enjoyed making preserves and over the years I have collected many books on preserving.  This particular book I purchased at Canty’s, a second hand bookshop in Canberra.  They don’t have a website but if you are ever in Canberra they are well worth a look.

The recipes in this book are at times questionable but you can adapt to suit yourself.

My memory is not so good at times and when I cut the fruit for soaking overnight I forgot to add the water!  Anyway it didn’t upset things too much it just meant I cooked the fruit with the water for a little longer.

You can see from the recipe that it takes much longer than 10 minutes to reach setting point.  You just judge for yourself.

The finished product was well worth the effort.

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  1. northernnarratives says:

    Oh, I know the delicious smell of preserves cooking. I love how you write in your cookbook. I do that too. Judy

  2. Well… how about that! I can’t get over that not only are we reading each others blogs, we have the very same jelly, jam and chutney book… what are the odds of that happening? I kinda love that connection we have, feel I really know you!
    Best wishes, Jay x

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