Scottish sayings


When my husband and I were at the local RSL recently, one of the patrons approached me saying, with some surprise that, it was years since he had heard the word stravaig used.  My husband is Australian born but over the years he has picked up some of my Scottish words and expressions.  The man who had spoken to me was also Scottish and was delighted to hear some of his own dialect.

It reminded me that when my children were little they used to use Scottish words at home and it was only when they went to school that they found out that other children didn’t use those words.  My children are now grown up and have their own children but they still use some of the Scottish words their mum used.

Recently we were in Scotland for a visit and my husband found this wonderful tea towel with Scottish sayings on it, A Celebration of the Scots Language.

My photography makes it look as though there is a bow in the frame. I was trying to hide the flash reflection and so took the picture at an angle.

I have a Pinterest board for framing ideas.  It’s worth a look.

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  1. We have to keep the past alive for the future by using it in the present.

  2. northernnarratives says:

    How very interesting. I agree with the above comment. Judy

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