Owlet and new wool/yarn


Today I received a parcel with the wool I need for making Owlet and Kid Owlet by Kate Davies. She designs some beautiful knitting patterns.

The pattern is from Ravelry and I had difficulty deciding what ply wool to use as the pattern used British wool.  I hope that the wool I have chosen will match the tension gauge.

Kate has a wonderful blog at Needled She has some great patterns and I will try some others when I finish the OWLS and OWLET.

I enjoy knitting on circular needles. The first circular needle I bought was in Princes Street in Edinburgh and I knitted a Norwegian sweater when I was a teenager. Knitting is so much quicker on a circular needle.  Unfortunately, for this pattern I needed 6.5mm needles and I have almost every size but that.  I use Knit Pro needles with interchangeable ends.  I contacted the owner of the local wool store Stitches “N” Things and she is going to get some in for me.  It will be strange to be knitting on such large needles.

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  1. Nonesey Hazelhurst says:

    Mum I love the look of that jumper! Just confirming bro’s long held belief that I’ve got a thing about owls. xxx

    1. suth2 says:

      The wool is really thick so it shouldn’t take long to knit. xx

  2. I have some Cleckheaton DK and love it. Keep us posted on your progress.

    1. suth2 says:

      I am having difficulty locating a set of 6.5mm knitting needles for the cuff of the sleeves. I will try on Monday again when the shops open.

  3. northernnarratives says:

    Lovely pattern and yarn. Looking forward to photos of your knitting. Judy

    1. suth2 says:

      Thanks Judy. I am a bit worried that I have not selected the correct ply wool. Heather

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