Winter wrap ?

Remember my previous post about a winter wrap , well I have completed all the pieces but have absolutely no idea how to put it all together.  The pattern does have instructions but I am having great difficulty making sense of them.  I have sent an email to Patons, the leaflet publisher, to see if they can help me out.

10 thoughts on “Winter wrap ?

  1. Please, could you post the diagram? I have the same problem. I thought something was missing from my leaflet, like an additional paper…

  2. Hi Gippsland Granny, its 2017 & I have a friend trying to knit up that patrons winter wrap 2017 & she is unable to understand the assembly of it. this pattern is out of stock but I have tried to email Patons for assembly instructions but I came across your post. If you have any information I would appreciate it. regards Kerry

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