Photograph albums

I have been endeavouring to select photographs to put into an album this year.  I have found that I don’t look at photographs as often when they are on the computer or on one of those “rolling photo frames”.  I prefer my photos in a “paper” album and to this end I decided this year I would select photos and put them into an album.  I have managed to do it and I am enjoying looking through the album each time I put in the newly printed photos.

Last year we went on a trip to Europe and I have still not finished the printed photo album from that trip.  I have put all the photos in the album but it is writing the captions that is taking the time.  I have now got down to doing a sheet of labels each day in order to get the album finished before our next trip comes around!  I think I culled my digital photos down to 250 to print.  Digital cameras mean you tend to take far more pictures than you would if using rolls of film.

I think I have decided it is nice to have a balance between viewing photos on the computer and viewing them in an album.  There is something cosy and comforting about sitting with a grandchild on your knee looking through a photo album. It is not so cosy or comforting when you are looking at a computer screen.  I guess there are those who would say that an album is just the same as looking at photos on an ipad or on your phone.  I’m still old fashioned and like “the book”

Maybe next year I will try something from here or from here.

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