Yesterday I posted about the roses in the garden, well today it is the turn of the irises.  At our previous house I had bought many different rhizomes so that I would have a variety or irises rather than the plain purple.  I didn’t want to deprive the new owners of our house by taking all the rhizomes with us when we moved so I just took a little bit from a few and my daughter took a few as well.  We figured that once the rhizomes became established in their new home we would be able to swap with each other and thus get a good selection.

When we moved here I just clumped all the iris rhizomes together in the citrus orchard intending to move them the following year.  We were overseas then so they didn’t get moved.  This year we have had a beautiful display and I have already shown some on previous posts.  What we didn’t know was that the people who owned the house that we are now living in were also keen iris growers and we have varieties of iris that add to the collection that I had.

This one has only just appeared.

Again we have been lucky with the rain and I think that is why we have had such a lovely show.

This is one that I thought my daughter had but we have it!

This is one from the previous owners of this house.

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