Scone recipe

Did you know that if you “do your scone” you lose your temper and if you are “off your scone” you are mad or insane?  If you get a “bump on your scone it is a hit on the head. Not sure if they are sayings peculiar to Australia or if they are used elsewhere.

I have just had a quick trip to Canberra and while there I was asked, by my daughter, what scone recipe I used.  It is ages since I made scones but the recipe I had uses lemonade.  My daughter was about to make her first ever batch of scones and the recipe had lemonade in it.  I had received the recipe I use from the sister of my sister’s mother-in-law!  This is a recipe, no doubt, that has been passed down to many people.

Scones have been made since time began and there are many and varied recipes but this one is definitely a great one.  We gorged ourselves on scones.  The picture is of the left overs which my daughter called the ugly ones.

Do you have a favourite scone recipe?

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