Alice in Wonderland/Salvador Dali an appropriate mix!

Over the years there have been many different illustrators for the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  Apparently Salvador Dali did illustrations for an edition of Alice in Wonderland.  I just love these illustrations, so different to the usual illustrations for this book.

To see the illustrations in larger format go to this site and click on the illustrations.

My favourite copy of this book is illustrated by an Australian illustrator Robert Ingpen.

Have you seen the movie directed by Tim Burton?

I loved the costume design in the movie.

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  1. subtlekate says:

    I’ve been to Robert Ingpen’s gallery at Anglesea on the Great Ocean Rd and brought a few. They are my pride and joy. I first came upon his work in Stormboy. I love his illustrations for Alice and they are my favourite too. I’m so pleased to find someone else with the same appreciation.

    1. suth2 says:

      I think the first book I had with his illustrations was The Voyage of the Poppykettle. How fortunate you are to have some of his drawings.

  2. My copy as a child had only line drawings, think I would’ve been much more inspired by the Dali artwork, it’s amazing!

    1. suth2 says:

      Dali certainly has a unique style.

  3. Winter Owls says:

    I love Ingpen’s drawings. I have a signed copy of his book Australian Gnomes which I was given as a child in 1974. Thank you for reminding me of him!

    1. suth2 says:

      I just adore his style of drawing. One of the favourites when my children were little was The Voyage of the Poppykettle.
      You are so lucky to have a signed copy of Australian Gnomes.

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