Chocolate is good for you! The Chocolate Therapist.

As a follow on to my previous post I finished this book recently.

My husband gave me this book as a gift last Christmas and I have only just finished reading it!  I somehow had other books that were more urgent to read.

My husband knows I love chocolate and this gift was perhaps his way of saying it is really ok to have chocolate even though you are trying to lose weight.☺ Since finishing the book I have discovered that black or dark chocolate is the way to go.  I don’t even like black chocolate but apparently that is the only chocolate that is good for you.  The author maintains that the darker the chocolate the better and don’t even think about white chocolate as it isn’t even chocolate. For the chocolate to be beneficial to your health it needs to be at least 70% cocoa.

I only like dark chocolate if it is an after-dinner mint but I was persuaded to try the taste test that she advocates in her book and I now find that I can eat dark chocolate and really enjoy it.

The health benefits of eating chocolate are explained in this book and the author offers chocolate remedies for more than sixty ailments. The details about chocolate are revealed along with why darker is better, how to read the labels to get the best chocolate and exactly which components of chocolate benefit your health.

And did you know that the higher the quality of chocolate, the louder it snaps when you break it?

Now I don’t need to perform the exercise from my previous post when offered chocolate!

3 thoughts on “Chocolate is good for you! The Chocolate Therapist.

  1. Good news for me! I love dark chocolate way more than milk chocolate. Have you ever tried cocoa nibs? Yummy.

    Thanks for posting this–that looks like a book I need to check out.

  2. I didn’t know that about the breaking test, I’ll need to try it out. That’s to do with the oil content, is it? This looks like my sort of book, I’m going to have to try and find a copy. Great post! 🙂

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