Attempting woodwork in some form!

My father was an awesome carpenter.  He built my sister her dining table and chairs.  He built a dining table for me from an old wardrobe and some tank-stand timber.  He built, for each member of the family, many things whether they were toys or coffee tables, money boxes or hall tables, picture frames or stools.  He loved making use of recycled timber and received more joy from that than if he used “new” wood.  He learned his trade in the Royal Air Force and he went on to become a pilot.  He finished his career in the Air Force as a Flight Lieutenant.

He had kept his notebook from when he trained to be a carpenter and these are some of the drawings in his workbook – all done by hand.

The point of mentioning my father’s work as a carpenter is to make the link with my attempt at carpentry today.  Dad used hand tools, none of these electric things!

Today I was using an electric jigsaw to cut out some timber to make a chook. (That’s a chicken for the non-Australian folks!) I haven’t really attempted carpentry apart from making picture frames so it was with a bit of trepidation that I attempted this woodwork today.

I had drawn the chook on the timber,which was “new” not recycled, and I had read the instructions for the use of the jigsaw.  I had also watched on this blog, a video on how to use a jigsaw so I felt I was well prepared.  Might I say it all looks a great deal easier than it actually is.  I did get the chook cut out but boy was it looking a bit rough. The pieces at the top are the wings and will go on either side.  The chook will also have a base so that it can stand up!

I guess I will now be spending a fair bit of time using sandpaper or some electrical sanding tool to make the chook a little more presentable.

I will let you see the finished article when it eventually gets finished – that is if it is of a presentable standard!  Tomorrow I need to spend some time in the garden doing some much needed weeding.

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  1. I love your chicken (chook!) You did a fantastic job cutting it out. That design was no easy task, I’m sure. Sanding and maybe using a rask (metal file) would be common practice after using a jigsaw on an intricate design, so don’t think you did anything wrong.

    1. suth2 says:

      Wow! I’m amazed to get a comment from you. I check out your blog frequently. I am in awe of all the wonderful things you have done. And your blog was the first place I went to to find out how to use a jigsaw. I hope you don’t mind that I included the link in my post. Thank you for your comment.

      1. I’m so glad I could inspire you to use a jigsaw! Keep up the great work ;-).

  2. Northern Narratives says:

    The drawings by your father are wonderful. Good luck with your woodwork 🙂

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