Post – 2011 Alpine Rally of East Gippsland

Our visitors have departed and we are now back to just the two of us.  We had a fantastic weekend with many enthusiastic rally people around us.  The enthusiasm is contagious and we all enjoyed a terrific time despite the less than average weather.  The rain was so bad at times that some stages of the rally were cancelled due to the dirt roads being too dangerous because of the excess water about.

The two cars that were participating, based from our house, both finished the rally so the teams were delighted.  They did have a few mishaps along the way but that apparently is part of the joy of rallying.

This car had rolled during a stage but managed to keep going.

This is after they had done their repairs and had completed the rally.  The female driver of this car was unable to drive in the event this year as she is expecting a baby.  I don’t think she was impressed that her husband rolled the car!

This was the team that didn’t finish last time.  They were really glad to finish this year and are looking forward to the next Alpine Rally.

We had a great weekend with lots of good food and great company.

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