Vogue pattern sewing – a non-rally activity!

On the weekend while the rally was taking place, my daughter took the opportunity to make a dress for a wedding she will be attending this week.  She had looked for a dress to wear to the wedding and could find nothing to her liking so decided to make one instead.

She chose this Vogue Pattern.

If you have ever made a Vogue pattern you will know that they can be somewhat complicated and this one was no exception.  There was a corset fitted inside the dress.  I was impressed by my daughter’s perseverance.  I would have given up when I discovered that the pattern instructions were not as they should be and the pleats on the dress were on the opposite side to the picture shown on the pattern.  She kept going and has produced a beautiful dress to wear to the wedding.

She chose this fabric to make the dress.

5 thoughts on “Vogue pattern sewing – a non-rally activity!

  1. I want to see the end result!!! I made one of their dresses once with a fitted sheath underneath the flowing dress. I still have it even though I couldn’t get into it. I had to read the instructions one word/phrase at a time and do it as I read. Really want to see the dress.

  2. Wow, beautiful fabric, I also sewed a Vogue dress years ago, it was a “simple” pattern compared to the one your daughter chose 🙂

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