Scottish authors.

Ian Rankin is one of my favourite Scottish authors. His books resonate with me because they are set in Edinburgh and often mention places in Fife where I grew up.  His latest book, The Impossible Dead, was released recently but I haven’t bought it yet as I have just bought The Complaints which needs to be read first.

The Complaints has a new protagonist, Malcolm Fox, to replace Inspector Rebus.

I read all the Rebus books and most of the other non-Rebus books.  I am looking forward to reading The Impossible Dead because the action has moved to Fife.

I came across this blog post ,on a blog called Gifts of Serendipity, when I was searching for a map of Fife and the blog post gives a good description of what Fife is like.  I lived in Ladybank and went to school in Cupar.  On the map you can see St Andrews, the home of golf, quite close by, about 20 km from where we lived.

I enjoy a book even more when I can relate to the setting.  I think that is perhaps why many of my books are by Australian or Scottish authors.

(The link to Gillian Kyle is missing on the blog Gifts of Serendipity, you can find the link here)

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