One of the blogs that I follow is Brainpickings, rather I subscribe to the newsletter that is sent to my inbox weekly.  This week they review the best art and design books of 2011 and one is a book called Visual Storytelling. 

Stunning, ambitious, and thoughtfully curated, Visual Storytelling is part high-concept dictionary for a language of increasingly critical importance, part priceless time-capsule of bleeding-edge creativity from the Golden Age of information overload, the era we call home.”

Infographics or information graphics have become part of our environment and they abound in this book.

I would love to get this book and I will ask my local library to get it in for me.  They usually fulfil requests if they can.  I am very much a visual person, to the point where if I am asked to spell a difficult word I usually close my eyes to “see” the word before I attempt to spell it.

This is an example of an illustration from the book:

Carl Kleiner’s ‘Homemade Is Best’ IKEA cookbook

If you want to see more click here.

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