Quiet book final stages, that was a marathon.

On a previous post I showed you a few of the pages I had finished for the Quiet Book Sew Along I am doing.  I have now finished all the pages and am just waiting for instructions to join the pages together.  I thought I would let you see the other pagesI have done

This was not the flower page that was on the sew along.  I decided to do a different flower page.

The petals are attached with velcro and can be stored in the flower pot.

This is a double page spread of the washing line.  The clothes are attached with velcro and can be put into the washing basket.

I love the next two pages. The old fashioned dollies are a delight for the dress the dolls page.

The wardrobe for storing the dolls’ clothes.

The wardrobe doors are secured with velcro and there is a pocket inside for the dresses.

This next page is the one I had most fun doing.  It was not part of the sew along but I saw the idea on another quiet book and thought I would do a version.

The carrots radishes and turnip can all be harvested from the garden and put in the trugg.

This barn page was also an idea from another quiet book, an American barn so not an Australian idea but I loved it.  I adapted the idea a bit and the animals are from a craft book I used when I used to teach primary school.

I didn’t secure the doors as I found the felt was not strong enough to add velcro for closing.  That is a cow and a pig, just in case you didn’t recognise them.

This is my least favourite page.  The page only had the crayon and pad holder on it and I thought it was a wasted page so I added some finger puppets for Goldilocks and the three bears.

To top it all off, this is the back page.  Now I just need to put it together and buy some hair accessories.

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  1. wow, Amazing! I wish I could sew…at age 45 still learning that. I love the glue for fabric best…lol…makes my sewing easy. LOL… Happy holidays as you share your wonderful gifts with the world.

    1. suth2 says:

      Thank you for that Jackie. A happy holiday to you too.

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