King George Whiting fillets

I am not known for my love of fish, in fact I don’t really like fish much at all. Having said that, there are some fish that I do like. I like kippers and tinned salmon and I have grown to like smoked salmon. Really the only other fish that I could say I would order at a restaurant would be bream fillets, so you can see that fish is not a favourite of mine.

Last night the son of our next door neighbour knocked on the door. He wanted to see if we had some brown vinegar as he had been fishing and had caught quite a few fish and collected some mussels. I gave him the vinegar and thought no more about it. Shortly after, he returned with a plate of fish fillets for us. I only kept two of the fillets as my husband was away in Canberra.

Because it was freshly caught fish I decided to cook it for myself. My husband usually cooks the fish in our house. I found a recipe on the internet and made it for dinner.

It is difficult to see the fish under the asparagus and almonds but it tasted delicious. Thanks to Ryan for the fish.

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