I was talking to my great nephew on Skype yesterday and he told me he was reading Superfudge.  Just the mention of the title of the book made me smile.  I can remember reading the book with my children when they were little and we had lots of laughs.  I was curious to see how the book is marketed today so did a quick look on the internet.

This is the cover of the book as I remember it.

and this is the most recent edition.

I think I prefer the old edition. Judy Blume was certainly a very popular author when I was teaching and it is great to see that the themes of her books still resonate with kids today. Check out the website to see the list of books she has written.

Another of my favourite books of hers was The Pain and the Great One.

This one takes a funny look at sibling rivalry.

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing was also popular.

Have you read any Judy Blume books?

5 thoughts on “Superfudge

  1. Hi Auntie Heather Bec here. I have read Freckle Juice.

    Patrick here I have read Superfudge, tales of a fourtth grade nothing,The pain and the great one, Cool Zone with the Pain & the Great One,Otherwise known as Shiela the great.

    Patrick insisted on spelling some of these titles without capitals as that is how they are on the cover of the new editions===is this progress or not?

    It does not help if you are trying to teach grammar! Love Kate

  2. Hi Auntie Heather

    I think Lewis might like The Magic Finger,it was the first Roald Dahl book i read on my own. From Patrick

    Trouble at the Bridge is a Lego book we enjoyed.

    Room on the Broom.

    The Gruffalo’s Child.

    The Smartest Giant in Town ,I still love this book, from Bec..

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