Social networking for business

Although I am now retired I am still interested in the way business works.  Nowadays so much business is done on the internet you would be foolish to ignore the importance of social networking.  I do browse the internet quite a bit, I don’t have to go to work so I have the time to do so, and I found this business social network. is a business social network created entirely for the Scottish diaspora. When you join the network there are badges you affix when you have made various numbers of connections. eg

Porridge: 5+ Connections
You’re warm, wholesome and occasionally steaming! Your connections are growing and so will you if you eat too much of this stuff!


Thistle: 150+ Connections
You’re sharp witted and beautiful, you like to frequent the Scottish hillside, and like listening to Sting!

Obviously this is done for a laugh  and to reward you for your efforts making connections.

I came across this network when I was looking at Spencer clothing, which is designed in Scotland.  They use the network.

To see some of the range of Spencer clothing check out the website.

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