East Gippsland Rail Trail, Bruthen to Bruce’s Track


Last week I went for a bike ride on my own on the East Gippsland Rail Trail.  I rode from Bruthen to Bruces’s Track and back. My son had told me that I shouldn’t go bike riding on my own in case something happens and I have no one to help me.  It’s a lovely feeling knowing that he cares what happens to me. I took my mobile phone, thinking that if anything did happen to me I would be able to contact my husband at home.  More on that later. I drove the car to Bruthen and unloaded my bike to go for my ride.  It was a beautiful day for riding, not too hot.  I left Bruthen and it took me an hour to reach Bruce’s track.

That is the Bruthen Hotel in the distance.

This is the Tambo River, looking back towards Bruthen.

The main road can be seen crossing over the river.

It was all uphill to Bruce’s Track.  It took me and hour to get there.

There is nothing at Bruce’s Track, it is just a dirt road that comes from the highway. The best bit about the bike ride was that it only took half an hour to get back to Bruthen as it was nearly all down hill.

I arrived safely.  Didn’t need to use my mobile phone which is just as well because there was no reception on any part of the trail!  I did enjoy my bike ride.  My husband is going to come with me next time.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. What beautiful countryside! Bruce’s Track looks very inviting, I like rough tracks through trees.

  2. Northern Narratives says:

    Beautiful scenery. I like to ride my bike in places like this.

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