Crivvens, help ma boab – bonnie bling or should I say pretty jewellery

An enterprising young Scots woman has come up with the idea to put Scottish words and phrases on jewellery.

There is an article about the success of this venture here.

(From the Cardonald Courier)

You can find the jewellery at this website.  Not something I would wear but the jewellery is proving to be successful.

I can understand wearing ‘bonnie’ but I can’t imagine why you would want to wear a brooch that said ‘peely wally’. It has implications of not feeling too well, out of sorts, pale.  Maybe if you wanted others to feel sorry for you.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. I quite like the little ‘och’ and ‘aye’ together, but I agree with you on the peely wally.

  2. puddlemonste says:

    All good fun tongue in cheek, they make great gifts!

    1. suth2 says:

      I can think of a few people I could give them to. Great to see someone with a bit of inventiveness having success.

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