Bell Baxter High no longer at Westport. Ad Vitam Paror, I am being prepared for life.

 I am going to Scotland later this year and I intended to visit my old school, Bell Baxter High.

This is so sad.

At least the newer part of the school is still in existence.

I would have thought that the building would be heritage listed but I am thinking in terms of Australian history which is very young, unlike Scottish history.  I guess the building is not really all that old but is past its used by date! If the walls could talk they would have so many stories to tell.

I have wonderful memories of Bell Baxter High School.

4 thoughts on “Bell Baxter High no longer at Westport. Ad Vitam Paror, I am being prepared for life.

  1. It’s very sad when old buildings get knocked down but sometimes the cost of repairing and maintaining them in their original state is prohibitive. I wonder I that was the case with Bell Baxter High? There are two schools where I live with ‘For Sale’ notices on them and I shudder to think what’s going to happen to them. They’re both beautiful old stone buildings but I suppose they may well be knocked down to make way for new buildings. I’m hoping that their outer shells can be maintained in some way to perserve the architecture, I only wish I had the money to do it.

  2. Can you tell me when the school photo was taken. One of the boys looks like my brother (Billy Russell). Was he in your class? Elizabeth Ingham (nee Russell).

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      I don’t remember Billy. Russell but that is not to say he wasn’t in this class. The class was called 1A2 I think. The year was 1960/61. Hope this helps.
      Heather (Sutherland)

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