Not a beach brolly but a rain brolly. Bummer again.

Cape Conran was our destination with Sandy yesterday but again we were thwarted by the weather.  It was drizzly for most of the day.  The national park is certainly a beautiful place to visit but it would be even better if the sun was out.

The area is noted for its beautiful banksia trees.  I don’t think I have ever seen such large banksia flowers, they were stunning.
In Australia, most children know of the banksia men as there are children’s stories about the big bad banksia men.  The banksia men are derived from the banksia after it has finished flowering and looks like this.

The banksia men are from the children’s book Snugglepot and Cuddlepie by May Gibbs – the book is an Australian classic.

I digress.  We walked along the track at Cape Conran and then headed for Marlo where the Snowy River meets the sea.  Many people would know of the movie The Man from Snowy River. The weather was not much better there but we were able to see the paddle ship Curlip which is tied up on the Brodribb River.  The paddle steamer runs trips occasionally, the next one was to be in a week’s time.  We couldn’t wait!

6 thoughts on “Not a beach brolly but a rain brolly. Bummer again.

    • Although I was born in Scotland, perhaps that is why I have a passion for Australian literature. I always did my best to promote it with kids when I was a teacher.
      Yes the dairy food in Gippsland is outstanding. My particular favourite is the cheese Shadows of Blue.

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