Look how much you cost me.

What do you think of this idea? If I was sick I don’t think I would be wanting humiliation of top of that. Plus I think I am well aware of the actual costs of health care.

Knitted Notes

Sick and humiliated. Starting from tomorrow in Lombardy when you’ll use the local public health care system services, after you’ve paid what’s due, you’ll be given a written report of what the real cost of the real cost of medical exams and therapies is. The President of the Milan’s Doctors association, Roberto Carlo Rossi, said that this new arrangement will humiliate patients (The health care system is one of the things we pay taxes for), but the Lombardy’s Councillor for the Health Care, Luciano Bresciani, thinks that this will be useful to improve citizens’ responsibility and awareness for the costs that the public administration supports for them (even though citizens pay taxes for that). It’s not certain what kind of people’s reaction is expected from the Lombardy’s local administration: maybe they hope that after noticing what burden they are for the society, many people (just like Rossi said) will autonomously…

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2 thoughts on “Look how much you cost me.

  1. I don’t really know what healthcare costs. We’re so lucky with the NHS in the UK, it’s a really positive thing about living here. I’m not sure how I’d feel about being told how expensive it was, I suppose it would be good to know in a way, but not in order to humiliate people. You often can’t help getting ill and of course attending to that comes at a cost, but putting a price on it to make people feel guilty seems very cruel.

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