The Rebels. . . the unpredictability of rugby.



Last weekend I went to Melbourne to watch my rugby team play the Cheetahs, from South Africa.  Previously I have had a season ticket for the Melbourne Rebels home games but this year, as I will be away for many of the games, I decided only to buy a ticket for those matches that I would be able to attend.  Last weekend I took my daughter and grandson to see the rugby.  My grandson is five and he is very keen on any type of sport but particularly cricket and AFL (Australian Football League or as it is known here, Aussie Rules).  I thought it would be nice for him to see some live rugby so he could experience the atmosphere at a match.  The match was held at AAMI Park in the sporting centre of Melbourne.


I went to Melbourne expecting typical autumnal Melbourne weather, either cold or wet but Melbourne surprised us with a scorching day.  We all got a touch of sunburn as we were not expecting the heat and so didn’t have on our sunscreen.

The Melbourne Rebels are only in their second season of Super Rugby and the supporters are expecting an improvement on last year’s performance when they were the new team and finished as wooden spooners.  Things were looking promising at the start of this season and last week they almost beat the reigning Champions, the Queensland Reds.  I went to the match thinking that they would be able to defeat the Cheetahs as the Cheetahs were at the bottom of the ladder this season.  That win for the Rebels was not to be, hence my comment on the unpredictability of rugby.  There were so many results last weekend that were what you would call upset results.  You really cannot pick who will be the winning team.  The good thing is they are close games and enjoyable football to watch.

Although the Rebels lost the game I am sure they will spring back and produce something special on Friday when they meet the Western Force.  I hope so!

My grandson enjoyed the game and got in to the spirit of the crowd by cheering loudly.

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