The hair of the dog!



The hair of the dog is an expression that is used for an alcoholic drink that you have to cure a hangover, supposedly.  This expression and its origin can be found at the Urban Dictionary.  I used the expression as a link for my post about the winery we visited while in Central Gippsland recently.  The winery was called Wild Dog.  This winery is named after the township Warragul which is an Aboriginal word meaning wild dog.


Interesting how the word ‘dog’ has been used in different forms, linked to alcoholic beverages. eg. Two Dogs Lemonade, an alcoholic cider, Black and White whisky, which shows two dogs on the label and the cocktails called greyhound and salty dog.

This winery is just off the Princes Highway which is the main route from our part of Gippsland to Melbourne.  I have travelled the road many times and have often wanted to stop off at the winery but haven’t had the chance to do so until now.

Naturally we stopped for the wine tasting but it just so happened to be lunchtime when we called in so of course had to try out the restaurant.

You can see from the photo that there were not many people out on the deck as the weather was a bit cool and overcast but because we hadn’t booked there was no room inside. It is a popular spot for weekend lunch.  As it happened, the sun came out and we had a lovely lunch.

I didn’t take any photos of what we ate other than the remnants of a delightful sweet cured salmon which we had as a share plate for entree.

The food was delicious as was the wine and we left with a few bottles of wine to take home for later!  Some sparkling Blanc de Blancs -a blend of chardonnay and Semillon made using the traditional methode champenoise, fresh and loaded with lime and lemon, a very refreshing drink.  We also bought some Cabernet Franc – an aromatic fruity nose of cherries and blackcurrant flavours combined with soft but firm silky tannins.

I’m sure we will be visiting the winery again in the not too distant future. A very pleasant outing.

I forgot to mention that we had been to Narkoojee Winery before we moved on to Wilddog so we had already sampled some wine before arriving at Wilddog.

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  1. It looks wonderful! This reminds me of the only time I’ve ever been to a winery, in New Zealand. They had a lovely restaurant and we sat outside in the sunshine having a delicious lunch. I was backpacking and it was quite a posh restaurant, a lovely treat!

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