I wish I was Mr Gadget. . . .I needed extra long arms!


At our house we have a hedge that goes down one side of the boundary.  It is quite a long hedge and it requires trimming regularly.  It is a big job to do the trimming as the hedge is quite high.  We have tried to trim the hedge previously by standing in the tray of our utility and moving the ute down the driveway as each part of the hedge is trimmed.  This has worked quite well in the past but the hedge is gradually getting taller and this time we needed to trim it down lower.  I found that if I used the trestle, with the legs extended to the maximum I was able to reach the top with a bit of a stretch.

I finished this side of the hedge and then my husband did the other side.  Teamwork!

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  1. Kate says:

    Good job Heather and Brian!!

  2. That looks like a big job, if it were me I’d probably get a man in! You’ve done it beautifully though and now presumably have a nice sense of achievement. Well done!

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