The Ultimate Seafood Festival, Metung

At Easter we have this to look forward to on the village green.


During the Easter break there will be a Seafood Festival in Metung.  I haven’t been to the previous ones but maybe I will get to this one this year.  Apparently they are usually very well attended.  There will also be a second-hand book sale over the Easter break so I will make sure I get to that.

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Seafood Festival, Metung

  1. Well what a huge dissapointment the seafood festival turned out to be.The name “seafood festival” conjurs up thoughts of various types of seafood, eg crayfish,oysters,prawns, flathead,gummy shark just to name a few, but no it was french fries,coleslaw & fried fish on one plate or a prawn & fries on another as for the calamari I could buy the same at woolies.There was no actuall seafood sales as such and these are comments from the general public, never again will I attend nor will many others, the band was great, good luck next year,oh & they ran out of food @ 1.30, not good!

    • That’s a pity the festival was a disappointment for you. Again we missed out on going to the festival but by your account it appears we didn’t miss anything!

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