Who was the blueeyedboy?

This is my next A-Z Book Challenge book.  blueeyedboy by Joanne Harris.

This book was a bit disconcerting, a bit creepy at times.  It was a book that kept me puzzling the whole way through and it certainly ended in a manner I had not predicted.

I have read almost all of Joanne Harris’ books, you probably all know “Chocolat”, and I have enjoyed them all and this one was no exception. It is set out in the form of entries to a web journal online with each entry in this format at the beginning of the chapter.

You are viewing the webjournal of blueeyedboy.

Posted at:23.30 on Monday January 28

Status: restricted

Mood: contemplative

Listening to: Radiohead: ‘Creep’

I enjoyed checking out the music listed and working out the link to each journal entry.

This is a great book with a thrilling plot, you need to keep your wits about you to follow the plot line.   The novel tells of a highly dysfunctional family and is gripping in its telling. You are grabbed from the beginning and the dark side of the main character is shown through his web journal where other characters are introduced and developed.

Summary from the book jacket:

Once there was a widow with three sons, and their names were Black, Brown and Blue.  Black was the eldest; moody and aggressive.  Brown was the middle child: timid and dull.  But Blue was his mother’s favourite.  And he was a murderer.

B.B. is forty-two years old and still living at home with his mother in a Yorkshire village.  His social life is played out online, on a website called badguysrock.  There, he stalks Albertine, with whom he shares a troubled past, and spins dark murder fantasies- especially about his mother.

As the story of his tortured relationship with his parent unravels, so does that of his blood feud with his brothers, the poignant tale of a blind child prodigy, and he poisonous truth lurking in the rotting heart of one disturbed family.

This is Joanne Harris talking about her book.

I found blueeyedboy  to be an excellent murder mystery and would recommend it to you.

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  1. I like your review, but I’m a bit disturbed by how cheerful Joanne Harris seems in that video about contemplating the murder of a relative!

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