Neglected side garden

When we moved to this house the garden was not as we would like it so we have spent some time getting the garden to our style. We have been in the house three years now but seem to have neglected the garden at the side of the house. This side of the house is shaded and the previous owners had planted a mish mash of plants, cacti, a fern, daisies, annuals etc. as well as a struggling leucodendron bush.

We decided to rip out all that was there and start afresh.

We added some topsoil to the soil and then planted two tree ferns and some plants that we had elsewhere in the garden. Once the planting was done it was all given a generous coating of mulch. Hopefully this will develop into a lovely sheltered garden.

The tree ferns are usually quite expensive but these were reasonably priced.

4 thoughts on “Neglected side garden

    • The garden really was a mess before but now it at least looks tidy. It will take a little while for the ferns to thicken up a bit and we will put in some other plants at a later stage. The tree ferns came from Tasmania. There are beautiful forests there.

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