And the nominations are. . . . .

Kelly from Growandcook has nominated me for the Kreativ Bloggers Award.  Thank you Kelly.  I have been nominated for this award previously but had chosen not to accept it in the past but now I know a bit more about blogging I have decided to accept the nomination this time.

By accepting the award there are certain responsibilities I must fulfil:  tell seven things about myself and nominate seven other bloggers.

1. I am one of seven children in my family.

2. I have three children. (All grown up.)

3. I drive a Peugeot.

4. I enjoy upholstering.

5. Music I enjoy is Queen, The Darkness, Franz Ferdinand, etc.

6. I don’t enjoy classical music, just a few pieces.

7. I love black pudding.

The seven blogs I nominate:

Books and Bowel Movements. A wonderful book blog with lots of humour. In short: She’s a cat lady who reads books and wants a bike with a basket and a small bell.

Dropping stitches and other adventures   knitting, photography and literature

Chicquero An  inspirational place, created to vulgarize trends, expand beauty and share fashion thoughts! Quite out there!

Buried in Scraps a quilting blog.

There she goes Bookgrrl   shared reflections on issues and things which interest her. She is more than just a mum,  more than just a librarian.

Kiwi Yarns Knits all about knitting in New Zealand and its fabulous yarns.

Broken Penguins saving broken penguins one page at a time. A book blog with beautiful images.

Check out the blogs and see if you enjoy them as much as I do.  Let me know your favourite.

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