Jo Nesbo. . .The next Stieg Larsson?

This was going to be one of my A – Z Book Challenge books but I am not up to the letter N or the letter R so it is just a review of this book.

I was given this book from my brother-in-law who had received it from his son for his birthday.  Well I am glad he did because I am now hooked on Jo Nesbo, so much so I have downloaded three ibooks for on my phone.  Yes I know you have to turn the page often when reading on a phone but I haven’t bought an iPad yet and I plan to do so soon.  My reason for downloading to my phone is so that I can read them on the plane trip to France.  Australia to France is a long plane trip!

I have read all the Stieg Larsson books and this book is certainly of a similar style.  I’m a crime fiction fan and I like the Scandanavian setting.

From the book jacket:

On the third day he rose again. To kill. . .

It is a freezing December night and Christmas shoppers have gathered to listen to a Salvation Army carol concert.  Then a shot rings out and one of the singers falls to the floor, dead.  Detective Harry Hole and his team are called in to investigate but have little to work with – there is no immediate suspect, no weapon and no motive.

But when the assassin discovers he’s shot the wrong man, Harry finds his troubles have only just begun.

I listened to Jo Nesbo in an interview on Books Plus which you can listen to here. Interestingly he started his first Harry Hole novel here in Australia.

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  1. That would make me want to read more, it’s quite an unusual story idea.

  2. I have only just got started with Scandi-Noir. Saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which was OK, but I wasn’t blown away. Then the BBC broadcast The Bridge and that did knock my socks off. Do you have it in Australia yet? I was inspired to write reviews for the whole series. The only Scandi-Noir novel I’ve read is Last Rituals ( by Icelandic writer, Yrsa Sigurdardottir.

    Have a great in time in France.

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