You know you are back in Victoria when . . . . .


Having been overseas for three months you tend to forget how you become immune to the style of your local press.  While I was away I used the internet to catch up on the news in Australia, using the ABC website to get the overall picture. Yesterday I read the Saturday Age,  (a Victorian newspaper) the first newspaper since my return to Australia.

I had forgotten how Victoria centric  this newspaper is, particularly in the area of sport.  You would think that no other sport existed except Australian Rules.  It certainly is the centre of the universe as far as the sporting pages are concerned.  You would not  have known that the Super Rugby Final was taking place this weekend unless you looked really closely at the paper.  There was a small article hidden away at the back of the sports pages, on page 16.

I guess that is one of the things that makes Victoria the place that it is.  There is this unbridled passion for all things AFL.

Perhaps I would understand it better if I had been born here and had grown up with an allegiance to an AFL team.

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