Routers, modems and technology or in plain speak, the stick and the sharing box don’t work!


Technology is wonderful when it all works as planned.

As you probably know we have returned recently after being overseas for three months.  We didn’t use the internet much while we were away and were quite looking forward to getting back into the routine of internet access 24/7.  At least that was what we had before we went away.  When we returned all was as normal.  Everything went swimmingly for about a week and then our router just turned up its toes!  It stopped working for no obvious reason.

I have done all the necessary steps to rectify the situation but to no avail.  We then made the assumption that the router was no longer operable and went out and bought a new router.  Tonight I attempted to install the new router and the problem is the same as the old router so perhaps it is the modem that is the issue!  I will let you know when I solve the problem.  In the meantime we are working with the USB modem plugged directly into the computer and so we have no WIFI access.  I had become so used to that.

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  1. I sympathise – these things are very trying! I hope you manage to sort it out okay without losing too much of your sanity.

    1. suth2 says:

      I get very frustrated at my lack of understanding of technospeak.

      1. Don’t know if it helps but you’re not alone!

  2. kiwiyarns says:

    Poor you! That is very frustrating! I hope it gets sorted soon. I’m afraid I’m not a geek at all…no helpful advice to give!

    1. suth2 says:

      I wish I was a geek and then I would be able to converse knowledgeably with the help desk.

  3. I hate the smug superiority of technology. It sits there knowing what it knows and you don’t and it’s not going to tell you. I find it just as productive to treat technology as magic and sacrifice a couple of chickens to it every now and then. Just don’t get blood in the keyboard.

    1. suth2 says:

      If only I had a couple of chickens! All would be well.

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