Yippee! Success. How I love it when things work!

Continuing the saga of our router.

After spending almost all day yesterday trying to get the router to work, including a lengthy call on my mobile to the technical support people, we were still unable to get internet through the router.  I went to bed last night feeling angry, overwhelmed with technology and generally out of sorts.  I vowed to myself that I would not let it get the better of me and I would try again in the morning.

This morning I tried again, I think I did much the same as I had tried at some point yesterday but this time it worked. (The help desk people had been unable to get it to work.)  We had internet, through the router.  Yippee!  But wait, we had internet at the desktop computer but no WIFI through the house!

I don’t know what I did but I managed to get WIFI working without calling the help desk.  Sometimes I amaze myself.

There was great celebration here when that happened and my husband and I switched on all the possible WIFI devices to see if they worked, and they did.

The next issue was the fact that the WIFI was not secure so I had to work out how to set the router up with a password.  This time I emailed the help desk and received a reply late today.  I now have secure WIFI and I am super happy!

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  1. Yippee! I can completely understand your annoyance, anger and frustration, and then your sheer joy when it all worked again. Technology is both a curse and a blessing, a curse when it doesn’t work and a blessing when it does. Well done with your success, I hope you toasted it with a little treat!

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