The wonderful melange that is family.


I was reading a blog post by someone whose grandfather had just died and it brought home to me once again how much I love my family. My mother and father were always so proud of the achievements of their family and when I see or hear of the achievements of their grandchildren I am also proud.  I am always thankful that I have three wonderful children and that I was part of a large family myself.

My younger brother’s daughter, who lives in Brighton, England, has just been married.  My brother went over to the UK for the wedding.  It has been a few years since he saw his daughter (in real life) as opposed to seeing her on Skype.  We have been in contact with my niece and have seen some beautiful photos of the wedding.

Unfortunately we were unable to attend the wedding as we had just returned from the UK.

My brother was always a keen guitarist and I knew that his younger daughter was a keen guitarist too but I had no idea that his elder daughter was also a musician.

I have included a video of some of her work with her husband.  My mum and dad would have been delighted.  Their grandchildren are all very talented in such a variety of ways.

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  1. A good reminder to appreciate family. I’m close to mine and although we sometimes drive each other up the wall, I wouldn’t be without them. That photo of Brighton is lovely, what a beautiful day it seems to have been for them.

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