Wagamama. . .Chilli beef ramen

Ten years ago, when our elder daughter was living in London, we visited her on our first big trip overseas.  She showed us the sights of London and on one occasion took us to a Wagamama Restaurant for dinner.  Wagamama didn’t exist in Australia at that  stage and we were suitably impressed with the modern decor and the waiters with their palm pilots waiting to take your order.  The throughput in the restaurant was impressive, the service was top notch and the food was delicious.  It was obviously a very popular restaurant. The first Wagamama restaurant opened in Bloomsbury in 1992.  We were in London  in 2003.

You can see that we now have several of their restaurants here in Australia.

As I said we were very impressed with the restaurant in London and our daughter very thoughtfully sent her father the Wagamama Cookbook for his Christmas the following year.

I can highly recommend this cookbook.  Last week we had Chilli Beef Ramen from the book and it was delicious as are the other recipes we have used from the book.  The annotation on the page just means I cooked it in August 2012.

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  1. Kelly says:

    I love that you annotate your cookbooks too! It’s so helpful when you return and try to remember whether that meal was any good, whether it needed something else for a lift or whether it was just not worth saving.

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