Recycled and renewed furniture

Last weekend we had a trip to Canberra to visit our younger daughter and son and took the opportunity to drop in to see my sister as well.  We had a lovely weekend with perfect weather for this time of the year.  Lovely crisp mornings with beautiful blue skies.

While we were there our daughter showed us a chair she had renovated.  The original chair came from her grandmother and is one of a set of six.

This is the first one she has reupholstered and she hopes to eventually do all six.  She took the chair completely apart and reglued and screwed it back together so it is now a solid chair, the others are very rickety.  She stripped off the varnish and has treated the wood with beeswax.  You can now see the natural colour of the wood.  She then made a new base, put on new foam padding and covered it with lovely fabric.  A terrific job.

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  1. Kate says:

    Great job by Fiona. like mother like daughter!

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