Carhaix or Car . . .eh!

We were fortunate enough to visit the town when the cars were assembling for the 32nd Tour de Bretagne. We had no idea that it was such a big event. We had gone in to Carhaix to visit the market and were surprised to find a variety of old cars parked in the streets. We made a few inquiries and found that the cars were assembling at a sports stadium on the edge of town.

We visited the tourist office, bought a few bits and pieces at the market and then headed to the sports ground.

The sports ground was literally awash with cars of all description. I know nothing about cars but I was impressed with the cars I saw. I loved the way the participants in the rally had dressed up to match the era of their car. And what do you know? Another Scottish connection, the Brittany kilt!

A close up of the trailer with the flag of Brittany and a fish!

Did you notice the kilts?

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