Whether the weather makes a difference.

We have been working on the new back path in the garden but unfortunately the weather has caused us to cease work on that project for a couple of days. Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow so that work can progress.

I have been busy painting the back pergola/patio area and that also has come to a halt as the wind has been too strong, blowing dust around and the temperature has not been warm enough for painting.

This is the pergola prior to painting.

This is the stage it is at now with one coat of paint on.

In the meantime I have found other things to do that are not reliant on suitable weather. We have a Balinese type chair in our patio area

and it was looking rather tired and worn so I have stripped it down and have been filling the cracks and sanding the chair in preparation for a bright pink coat of paint. I will take a photo when it is finished.

I have also quickly whipped up some bright pink cushion covers for some old chair pads to put on the outdoor setting. The fabric only cost $8 so the six chair pads were renewed cheaply!

To finish off the miserable weather day I made 2 kilos of apricots into apricot jam.  A productive day despite the weather.

6 thoughts on “Whether the weather makes a difference.

  1. That is an impressive pergola, and what a very productive day you had of it despite, or perhaps because of, the weather. I like your bright pink cushion pads and am looking forward to seeing the repainted Balinese chair!

    • The Balinese chair is in poor condition and I am finding it a bit of a struggle to get a smooth surface but I will keep going. There is no hurry for this project.

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