French dessert . . .Far aux pruneaux

When we were in Brittany we visited Dinan which is an ancient walled city.  I will do a post about Dinan later but I mention in now as it was where we bought a delicious cake at a pâtisserie, La Maison de Tatie Jeanne, down by the river port.  My daughter bought some jam, she particularly liked the jar and brought it back to Australia.

The cake we bought was called “Far aux pruneaux”.   There is a comment about the pâtisserie on

Since coming back to Australia my husband has bought a cookbook called Food of France.  The book was inexpensive but has proved to be a great recipe book.

There is a recipe for Far aux pruneaux in the book.

The picture shows you that it looks something like a Yorkshire pudding.  It puffs up while cooking but then sinks when removed from the oven.

I decided to give the recipe a try and I am thrilled with the result.  The recipe didn’t give a time for how long you left it in the oven but I cooked it until the custard was no longer wobbly and a skewer came out clean.  It took at least an hour.

You can see from the slice that it sank even more as it cooled off.

The cake is similar to a clafouti and the prunes add a lovely, moist and tasty flavour to the cake.  I will certainly make it again.

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