The Metung market again.


Last weekend was the monthly Metung Market.  It is six months since we were last at the market as we have been away and the market was cancelled last month because of inclement weather.  This time the weather was a little better and so we were able to catch up on the produce we usually purchase when we visit.

Flowers are one of the things I usually buy from the market and this time was no exception.  There is generally a very good selection of native flowers plus the usual cut flowers you would find at a florists.  I bought some Australian native flowers for $5.

One of the stalls at the market was a stall for East Gippsland Eats.
Two young women run the company, making all their products at home in Bruthen in a commercial grade kitchen. They sell muesli and biscuits plus some other products which you can find on their website.  You can read all about them here.

I was impressed with the style of their packaging and their business card.  I make my own muesli so I hadn’t taken much notice of the stall previously but this time I got close enough to check it out.  I discovered that they were finalists in the East Gippsland Business Awards 2012.

After speaking to the young lady behind the stall I decided to give the muesli a try and bought a small package.  I’m sure it will be delicious.  It certainly looks good.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful local produce available to us.

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  1. That looks great, I like the earthy-looking packaging.

    1. suth2 says:

      I haven’t tried it yet but I will let you know when I do. Thanks for commenting.

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