An unexpected visit to the city centre of Melbourne.


I have just returned from two days in Melbourne.  I love visiting Melbourne.  This time I went down to visit a Craft and Sewing Show, being held at the Caulfield Race Course, which turned out to be extremely disappointing.  I have been to a Quilt Show in Melbourne previously and had a wonderful time but the show I attended this time seemed to be a poor version of the Quilt Show.  Anyway, my daughter and I cut our losses and after a quick look round we decided it would be better to head into the city centre and look at the wool, material and book shops there.  That is exactly what we did and succeeded in having a great day.  I might add that we also had lunch at Laurent.  I know my husband would have loved having a baguette for lunch at Laurent.  I followed mine with a strawberry eclair.We went to the wonderful wool shop of Morris and Sons

and I bought some cotton to make a shrug for my elder daughter.  I will post about it later.

We also visited Tessuti, an amazing fabric shop. You have to search to find it if you don’t know about it as it is hidden in a basement in Flinders Lane.

Both Tessuti and Morris and Sons have blogs that are well worth following if you are in anyway interested in sewing and craft.  We had a great day and what had started as a disappointment ending up being a blessing.  I didn’t buy any books at the bookshops but when I returned to Metung I had a lovely surprise as my books had arrived from my online purchases.  How lucky am I?

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  1. Thanks for the post Heather – I was trying to decide whether I should go to the show but I think I will give it a miss (try and do some catching up at home instead)! Looks like you had some great craft adventures anyway – I look forward to seeing the shrug.

  2. Sounds like a great place for a wander round and that restaurant looks marvellous! It’s always nice to get home to a new book or two.

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