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I have been working on the exterior of the house getting it prepared for painting and had noticed a great deal of insect activity around the house.  My husband assured me that they were just ants, sugar ants and small black ants.  I was not to be reassured as we have railway sleepers at the front of our garden and there was insect activity in them.  Again my husband assured me that it was just borers and they were far enough away from the house.

. . . .Around the same time my elder daughter bought a house and had a pest inspection done and the subject of termites came up.

We had a building inspection done when we bought this house but we didn’t have a pest inspection done.  I think I became a little paranoid at the mention of termites and I needed to get a pest inspection done straight away.  Today we had that inspection and the house appears to be clear of termites.  They will give no 100% guarantee.  I am happy that there are no termites and that yes we do have black ants and sugar ants but they are not a problem.  The borers in the sleepers will go to the rubbish recycle depot.

The CSIRO has advice for house owners regarding the control of pests. Check it out here.

I now have peace of mind!  Thank you Dale and Jess at East Gippsland Pest Control.

(Apparently Metung is in a termite prone area therefore it was wise to get the inspection done.)

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  1. Almost spat my tea over the keyboard when I saw the ad!

    1. suth2 says:

      Wasn’t meant to be an ad it was the only picture I had of the Pest company that did the inspection. Sorry about that. I promise no more advertorials!

    2. suth2 says:

      I used the word advertorial and it was the wrong word to use. It certainly wasn’t an advertorial. It was just me talking about the pest inspection on our house.

      1. No problem. It was the creative use of the word “bugger” in the ad that made me laugh, while simultaneously taking a mouthful of tea.

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