A granny square shrug in cotton


I mentioned in a previous post that I had purchased some cotton for a project for my elder daughter.  The cotton that I purchased was for this Granny square shrug.

The shrug is from the pattern book 228 “Crochet Modern Vintage”  – 15 designs for women in Panda Cotton Blend 8ply.  It is difficult to see the detail of the main body of the shrug as it is in black but it is done in treble stitch in clusters of three.

I am still staggered at the price of pattern books but at least with this one there are a few of the items that would be worth crocheting.  I like the slippers, rather unusual.  I would love to be able to create patterns.  I can adapt patterns but don’t have the know-how to create an original.  I suppose that is why patterns cost what they do.

Before I start on the shrug I need to finish the cardigan I am knitting for myself.  I am at the sewing up stage so it will soon be finished then I will start on the new project.  I am actually doing a tension swatch for this pattern.  I don’t usually do one when knitting but as it is so long since I last did any crochet I thought I should do a tension square and it looks like it is a good thing that I did as I need to use a larger hook than the pattern specifies.

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  1. Margaret Anne Thompson says:

    Lucky Kirsten,I see she’s gone vintage.Can’t wait to see her house, I’m sure it’ll be so stylish. x

    1. suth2 says:

      I think she plans to return it to the style when it was built. The house at the moment has been “nannafied”!

  2. I agree that the slippers are lovely, and so unusual. Do you ever sell your handiwork? I’m sure you could easily sell things on etsy.com if you felt so inclined, but maybe you prefer to make things for yourself and your family.

    1. suth2 says:

      I don’t think I would have enough time to make things to sell. I just enjoy making for family and friends.

  3. What a great pattern! Love the colours too =D

  4. tami evans says:

    I am trying to get my hands on this book..any help would be great

    1. suth2 says:

      You can generally find it at wool shops in Australia. Not sure if that is where you live.

  5. I cant figure out the pattern , could you please help me ? Im in love with the shrug,….but im still a beginner ,….please a picture of the patern !! XXX many thanks.

    1. suth2 says:

      Hi Andrea, Unfortunately I cannot give a picture of the pattern as it is copyright. Hope you understand.

  6. sylvie says:

    hi there
    Just wondering ? Im about to start this shrug ive done my tension square and worked out i need to go down a size needle as i am a beginer i am quite “loose” (my tension is not that great but in time and practice this will change. Just wondering to start the shrug piece itself do you have to make chains equalling to 80 centimetres i feel silly asking this it is not quite clear to me how it starts I am also new to reading patterns too . I hope it makes sense to you and thankyou for listening

    1. suth2 says:

      Hi Sylvie,
      So sorry I have taken so long to respond to your question. I assume you have well and truly started your shrug by now. I honestly can’t remember how I started it I will see if I can find my pattern and check what it said and get back to you. Heather

    2. suth2 says:

      Sylvie, I found the pattern so can now answer your question. You don’t make any chain you make 8 of the granny squares and then link them together to form the basis for the shrug. Each granny square starts with 8 chain. I hope this helped. Heather

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