Inspiration from a stitchedupmama

Yesterday I found the wonderful blog of Stitchedupmama.  This extremely talented lady, who lives in Tasmania,  has created some wonderful pieces of artwork and wearable objects.  After browsing through her blogs – she has two – I felt totally inspired. You can find the other blog here. I really hadn’t thought about the possibilities of crochet work.  I now see crochet in a completely different light.

This lovely basket she made from materials from her old electric blanket!

I discovered a new type of button today, it is called a Dorset Button.

This type of button is actually very old in that they originated in Dorset in the 18th Century. This website tells you all about them and how to make them. There are some examples here. I discovered this button today as I was browsing through Stitchedupmama’s blog and saw this beautiful scarf with a lovely embellishment.

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  1. What a very creative lady, and I love that scarf with button. I hadn’t heard of Dorset buttons either, but how fascinating!

    1. suth2 says:

      I think I will have a try at making one, someday!

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