Javascotia. . . . .coffeeScotland?????


Javascotia is the title of my next book in the A-Z Book Challenge.  The book is by the author Benjamin Obler.

Being a coffee lover I thought I might enjoy this book.

From the book jacket:

Melvin Podgorski is young, naïve, American — and a coffee fanatic. It’s this passion that leads him from his native Chicago to 1990s Glasgow to scout out the prospects for a US coffee franchise. Looking for an escape from his suffocatingly suburban parents and the tangled wreckage of a divorce, he finds himself floundering in an alien land of Glaswegian dialect and radical student politics. As he becomes increasingly entangled with one particularly charming local and her militant ex-boyfriend, his efforts to keep the past and the present separate are put to the test, and soon his old life in Chicago and his recently found freedom in Glasgow are set for an emotional and catastrophic collision

Imbued with dark, mournful notes, dashes of warm humour and the bittersweet tang of learning the hard way, Javascotia combines a feel-good flavour with a deep substance.

You can read an extract of the book here.

Although I enjoyed the use of the Scottish dialect in this book and also the description of various parts of Glasgow and the weather, the book was not my cup of tea!

The plot was not intriguing enough to keep me reading beyond page 198 0f 438 pages.

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  1. I think it has a very appealing cover and it’s a catchy idea, but that doesn’t always translate into something worth reading of course.

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