Making a cubby house

I seem to remember that when we were kids we could make a cubby house out of almost anything!  I am pleased to report that in some places things have not changed.  I spent the weekend with my grandchildren and during the weekend a cubby house was in action.  My daughter had bought a new bed from Ikea and of course it came flat packed in a box.  What to do with the box?  Well of course we had a cubby house, complete with clock and cups of tea!  Lorna, you will notice that the teapot has fallen over, as has the milk jug, not quite up to the standard of your Tearoomdelights!

beach towelWe had to make use of a beach towel to close off the end of the cubby but they were quite happy playing in there.

a cubby tentOne thing is for sure, it was not as expensive as this one I found on the internet.

cubby ad

Did you have a cubby house when you were little or did you have several cubby houses?  I know in our family we built a different one each time we played cubbies.

7 thoughts on “Making a cubby house

  1. I’m just delighted to see that tea is playing a part in the cubby house! I remember climbing into boxes as a child, and slinging a blanket over the backs of two diningroom chairs to make a tent. Sadly, in our capitalist society, adults get hooked on the idea of throwing money at children, when we all know that they’re most content with something like an empty box and their own imaginations.

  2. Oh most definitely! I had a little porcelain elephant teapot. Mom would help me make tea and have a “Poo-Party”. We would read Winnie the Pooh, have tea and “Poo-Butter” (honey butter) on graham crackers or vanilla wafers. We also read the Velveteen Rabbit. Wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • What a lovely theme to have for your tea parties. My kids used to have tea parties for their dolls and teddies and any other stuffed toy that would come along.:-)

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