A case of the cart before the horse

The blog “a wee bit random” did a post about her penchant for cute buttons and it reminded me that I recently bought some beautiful handmade buttons at a makers’ market. The buttons are lovely but now I will need to decide what I am going to make so I can make use of these lovely buttons.

handmade buttons

I have many buttons but usually when I make something I don’t have buttons that match or enhance the article I have made. Sometimes I may only have three suitable buttons and I need five. It means that I then have to buy buttons to suit the article. My button cache doesn’t seem to be diminishing.

button bag

4 thoughts on “A case of the cart before the horse

    • Thank you. I used to keep my buttons in a jar, just like my mum did. I made this bag a while ago but I still have buttons in a jar, as well as those in the bag.

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