Will I be able to declutter? I will give it a try.


Did you make any New Year resolutions?  I resolved to be fitter this year. That is my main resolution. I am now about to embrace another resolution.

I read a post on the blog Macaronic A slow train coming and from there I followed the link to My Simpler Life. At that particular blog I downloaded the 2013 Declutter Calendar.

The Calendar is free, along with weekly simplicity tips.  I hope it will help me to declutter my life.  I have already been tempted by a resolution to pass on one item a week to a family member or a charity shop.  The item would be one I no longer feel I have a use for or one that has been in the cupboard for at least a year and not been used.

I am known as a hoarder so this will be particularly difficult for me but I am at least going to give it a try.


4 thoughts on “Will I be able to declutter? I will give it a try.

  1. I wish you well with your decluttering, the calendar sounds like an interesting idea. It does take a bit of effort deciding what to get rid of and what to keep, which is probably why we tend to keep too much. I’m certainly guilty of that as regards letters from people, some of which I’ve kept for decades. I should read through them again to see if I want to keep them but it feels like too big a task. If I don’t read them now though, I don’t suppose I’ll ever read them, in which case why keep them?

    • Oh, please do keep them. My mum and dad kept all their letters from the family and it was lovely to read through the letters when mum and dad had died. Each family member had their letters returned to them and it was lovely to read through our past.
      My dad had encouraged us never to send a card without including a letter so needless to say there were a few letters left for us.
      What will happen to family history in the age of emails?
      It is so easy to press delete.
      I kept most of the emails from my daughter when she was in London. I printed out the emails and pasted them in a book. I have kept the book and perhaps one day she will look through it.

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